Don't Press The Red Button

Designed a special button to be used as a fun activation during a Sheetz Fest employee event in 2019.  I created the entire experience from the ground up, including design, construction, coding and finishing with the help of an Audio Engineer to record several tracks to be randomized during a button press.  Fabrication included specialized 3D Printed parts for the articulation of the LED Light bars and other elements as part of the decor, and hacking electronic parts such as the fog machine.  Entire project was about a weeks worth of planning, construction and testing.

When deployed at the event, many guests thoroughly enjoyed the ridiculousness of the activation, raising spirits and increasing brand loyalty.  This video captures a couple of those moments during day one of a three day event.

This video shows a bit more of the design up close.  The dancing was randomized within a 4 to 6 button push threshold to space out the "special" experience.  When deployed onsite, I also decreased the refresh time after each button press to make it more responsive.  Everything was built in my garage and I'm pretty sure the neighbors absolutely love the speaker's fantastic acoustics.

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