Bean Caught


This short, 3D-Animated film is about a janitor who works his night shift at a bank and unexpectedly loses his keys. Co-Directed production by Raymond McCarthy Bergeron & Meghdad Asadi Lari, Bean Caught was proudly created over a 24 week period during our 2nd year of a 3-year, MFA in Animation Program at Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Film and Animation.

My responsibilities in pre-production included storyboarding/animatic, character design and creative direction of the environment.

During production, I modeled and rigged the Janitor, Thief and Police Beans as one model/rig with built in switches for easier maintenance and animating later on. In addition, I facilitated the project management and production-workflow to aid in keeping the project between Meghdad and myself fluid and concise, especially when we brought on a Clean-up Animator to help. I animated the Janitor, Thief and Police characters and some environment rigs that Meghdad created. A special light rig was also created for the beans to help separate them from the environment a bit. I also developed some specialized MEL tools to alleviate routine scene setups, create UV transfer information for characters, quicken blendshape development and to help resolve some scene issues when they arose.

During Post-Prodcution, we both worked on Foley for sound effects. Rendering was a shared process and since we crafted mental ray procedural textures, we were able to easily separate out passes for each scene. I worked on compositing the renders using After Effects and later worked on the editing for the project.

Production Crew

Film by: Raymond McCarthy Bergeron & Meghdad Asadi Lari

Music Composer: Benjamin Shaw

Clean-up Animator: Vijay Kumar Madurai Chandrasekher

Illustration Artist: Brett Wilson

Voice Actress: Colleen Horan

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Awards & Recognition

Finger Lakes Film Festival (2012) – Best Animation

Adobe Design Achievement Awards (2013) – Semifinalist

The Film Skillet (Winter 2013/2014) – Finalist

RIT Honors Show (2012)

The Dirt Poor Filmmakers Festival (2012)

Croq’Anime (2012)

Crossroads Film Festival (2013)

Festival du Film Merveilleux (2013)

Uni Shorts (2013)

International Video Art Festival of Casablanca (2013)

U.G. Artist Festival (2013)

Lima Film Festival (2013)

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