About this guy

Raymond McCarthy Bergeron is a misplaced Vermonter, currently living in San Francisco, California, USA, who has a passion for photography, pixels and problem solving. His interests for capturing light over the years evolved from a simple curiosity to a deep desire to integrate a story and experience in a single frame. There isn’t a trip that occurs with less than one camera and three lenses in his pack at all times. If there’s an opportunity – he’ll be ready to capitalize.

In his day job, Ray brings this creative knowledge and excitement into the multi-frame world of film, animation and interactive experiences. After the work day ends, he heads home to refine his recent photography session until 2am every night – carving and enhancing the pixefied-moments to perfection. Creativity is insomnia.

Ray continues developing and honing his artistic skills through photography at events, weddings, on the street or with fellow photographers. His work has been showcased in galleries in the north-east region of the United States and his films have been experienced globally, garnishing recognition and awards from prestigious festivals and indie outlets. This site is representative of his fine-art and travel, exploring moments – precious or gritty – in still formats intended to connect and share with the world.

If you find a photo you’d like that’s not available in one of the print formats, or you would like to work together on a project or event of yours, please reach out!

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